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Monday, July 28, 2014


Summer Assignment Handout

History of the World in 6 Glasses

This year’s summer reading assignment is A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage.  In this book, Standage tells a popular history of the world and some of the most significant civilizations in history by following the development of 6 influential beverages.  The 6 beverages are: beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, & Coca Cola.  These beverages have played a significant role in driving trade and interaction between some of the most significant regions and empires in world history.  Our purpose in reading the book is to gain a sense of how civilizations and cultures develop and how they are affected by various forces (social, political, economic, cultural). 

You will need to read the book A History of the World in Six Glasses.  Read the instructions carefully.   

You will need to bring the book and a printed copy of your study questions on the FIRST DAY of class. 

Publisher: Walker Publishing Company

Approximately $7.00

*(DISCLAIMER:  The use of this book as a summer reading assignment in NO way represents any endorsement by the teachers of Lamar High School of the consumption or misuse of these beverages!  The book is simply meant to provide an interesting view of civilizations and trade, from which we can initiate our year-long discussion of world history.) 

All parts of the summer project will be on:      

www.lamarhs.org or lamarapwh.blogspot.com  

Register at the turnitin.com website.  

Go to "create a user profile" at top right corner.  
Follow the directions after that.   

It will eventually ask for the class ID and enrollment password:

Class ID: 8072642 Password: texans (case sensitive)

You will turn your Study Questions to the proper folder at turnitin.com.   

Turnitin.com will verify that the work you turn in is your work alone. 

Be prepared to also discuss the book and/or write an essay within the first few days of school. 

We advise you to pace your reading over a few weeks during the summer.  

DO NOT wait until the last few days before school to begin this assignment.


It would also be a great idea to invest in an APWH Study Guide.  
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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Create a College Board account by April 30 and print out ascreen shot to receive a FREE STAMP!!!

AP® Students Will Get Scores Online in July

To ensure that students are prepared to access their scores, they must follow the steps outlined below. We ask that you help your students get ready, particularly those who have never taken an AP Exam before.

Sign up for a College Board account at apscore.org. Students must have an account to access their scores.
      ◦ Some students may already have an account. Have them confirm this by signing in.

• Remember the following information, which will be required to see their scores in July: 
      ◦ College Board account username and password
      ◦ 2014 AP number (or student ID number if they provided it on their AP answer sheet)

Score Release Schedule
The score release schedule will be available at apscore.org in early May, and students will receive an email in early July at the email address they put on their AP answer sheet reminding them when they can access their scores.

1st 6-Weeks Reading Calendar

1st 6-Weeks Reading Calendar from


9/3-6-Chapters 2&3

9/9-12-Chapters 4&5

9/16-20-Chapter 6

9/23-27-Chapter 7

9/30-10/4 Chapter 8

1st 6-Weeks Graded Assignments

  • 6 Glasses Study Questions
  • Maps, Time and WH Video Questions
  • Ch. 2&3 Reading Quiz
  • Early Belief Systems Video Questions
  • Spread of Religions Video Questions
  • Mankind Analysis Questions
  • Religions Mobile
  • Ch. 4&5 Reading Quiz
  • Ch. 6 Reading Quiz
  • SNAPSHOT I: Ancient Civilizations
  • Map Activity
  • Ch. 7 Reading Quiz
  • Unit 1 Key Terms
  • Crash Course Videos

1st 6-Weeks Stamped Assignments

  • Prehistory, Migrators and Nomads
  • Student Information Form
  • The Nature of Civilization Questions
  • Bronze and Iron Age Venn Chart
  • Ancient Egypt/Mesopotamia/India SPEC Chart
  • SOAPS/POV Assignment
  • Ancient China and Americas SPEC Chart
  • Classical Persia SPEC Chart
  • The Persian Press
  • Classical Han China SPEC Chart
  • 6 Glasses Comparison Venn Diagram

2nd 6-Weeks Reading Calendar

2nd 6-Weeks Reading Calendar from


10/7-11-Chapters 9&10

10/14-18-Chapter 11

10/21-10/25-Chapter 12

10/28-11/1-Chapter 13&15

11/4-11/8 Chapter 14

2nd 6-Weeks Graded Assignments

  • Age of Empires Recipe
  • Grading of Empires
  • Connections Across Land Video Questions
  • SNAPSHOT II: Classical Civilizations
  • Intro to the Study of Women's History
  • Mental Map: Classical Age, A Cross Cultural Exchange
  • Islam Video Questions
  • Stamp Sheet
  • Key Terms
  • Crash Course Videos

2nd 6-Weeks Stamped Assignments

  • Classical India SPEC Chart
  • Buddhism in China DBQ Prewrite
  • Classical Greece SPEC Chart
  • Classical Rome SPEC Chart
  • SOAPS/POV Practice Exercise II
  • Matching Review Activity
  • Silk Roads Historical Marker
  • Byzantine SPEC Chart
  • Byzantine Empire Questions/Engineering an Empire
  • Constantinople Real Estate Ad
  • 5 Pillars of Islam Chart/Study Questions
  • Rise and Spread of Islam Questions
  • Abbasid Caliphate SPEC Chart
  • Questions about Islamic Civilization
  • Tang and Song Venn Chart

3rd 6-Weeks Reading Calendar

3rd 6-Weeks Reading Calendar from

11/11-15-Chapter 17
11/25-26-Chapters 16&19
12/5-6-Chapter 18
12/11-12-Chapter 21&Ch. 23 up to pg. 569

3rd 6-Weeks Graded Assignments

  • Early Empires Video Questions
  • Crusades DBQ Essay
  • End of Feudalism Questions
  • Snapshot III: The World c.1000
  • Mental Map: Regional Networks of Exchange
  • Unit 3 Key Terms
  • Stamp Sheet
  • Crash Course Videos

3rd 6-Weeks Stamped Assignments

  • Tang Dynasty SPEC Chart
  • Feudal Japan SPEC Chart
  • Feudal Japan Questions/Timeline
  • Yuan Dynasty SPEC Chart
  • The Rise of the Mongols Questions
  • Feudalism Venn Diagram
  • Crusades DBQ Prewrite
  • Development of Feudalism in Western Europe Notes
  • Dev. of Feudalism Activities
  • Feudal Europe SPEC Chart
  • Africa: Mansa Musa, Independent Study
  • Africa Investigation
  • Ghana SPEC Chart
  • Renaissance & Reformation Questions
  • Renaissance & Reformation Venn Diagram

4th 6-Weeks Reading Calendar

4th 6-Weeks Reading Calendar from


1/7-10-Chapters 20&22

1/13-17-Chapter 26

1/20-24-Chapter 27

1/27-1/31-Chapter 28

2/3-7-Chapter 29

2/10-14-Chapter 30

4th 6-Weeks Graded Assignments

  • Winter Break Test
  • PBS Islam, Part III: The Ottoman Empire
  • Snapshot IV Gunpowder Empires
  • French Revolution Fill in the Blank
  • Egalite for All Video Questions
  • Ideas Shape the World Video Questions
  • Historical Figure CCOT Prezi
  • Revolutions Test
  • Guided Readings
  • Unit 4 Key Terms
  • Stamp Sheet

4th 6-Weeks Stamped Assignments

  • Winter Break Questions
  • DBQ Prewrite: Women in the Middle Ages
  • Aztec vs. Inca Independent Study/SPRITES Chart
  • Tokugawa Japan SPEC Chart
  • Qing Dynasty SPEC Chart
  • CCOT Pre-Write Homework Activity
  • Ottoman Empire SPEC Chart
  • Mughal Empire SPEC Chart
  • More Practice CCOT Pre-Write Gunpowder Empires
  • The Russian Empire Questions
  • Personal CCOT Pre-Write Activity
  • Personal Portion of CCOT Prezi
  • Revolutions: Compare and Contrast
  • Urban Game Student Guide
  • Industrial Revolution Questions
  • Industrial Revolution PICTOWORD
  • Adam Smith and the Industrial Revolution

5th 6-Weeks Reading Calendar

5th 6-Weeks Reading Calendar from


2/17-21-Chapter 32

2/24-28-Chapter 33

3/3-7-Chapter 34

3/10-14-Chapter 35

3/24-28-Chapter 36

3/31-4/4-Chapter 37

5th 6-Weeks Graded Assignments

  • Imperial Designs Video Questions
  • Snapshot V
  • Mankind: Revolutions Video Questions
  • Imperialism DBQ Essay
  • Mankind: Speed Video Questions
  • Interwar Years PhotoStory
  • World War II Map Activity
  • Imperialism and World Wars Test
  • Unit 5 Key Terms
  • Stamp Sheet

5th 6-Weeks Stamped Assignments

  • Industrial Revolution Pictoword
  • Adam Smith & the Industrial Revolution
  • Industrial Revolution Questions
  • Imperialism Questions
  • Analyzing Imperial Motives
  • Imperialism DBQ Prewrite
  • World War I Questions
  • First World War Activities
  • Interwar Years Rough Draft
  • Russian Revolution Conditions and Results
  • French and Russian Revolutions Compared
  • 20th Century Revolutions Questions
  • 20th Century Totalitarians Questions
  • World War II Questions

6th 6-Weeks Reading Calendar

6th 6-Weeks Reading Calendar from


4/7-11-Chapter 38

4/14-17-Chapter 39

6th 6-Weeks Graded Assignments

  • People Shape the World Video Questions
  • 13 Days Viewing Guide
  • Challenges in our World Today Questions
  • Anti-Genocide Brochure
  • Globalization and Economics Video Questions
  • Global Pop Culture Video Questions
  • Word Association Review
  • STAAR Pictoral Review
  • History of the World in Two Hours Video Questions
  • Stamp Sheet
  • Advice Wordle

6th 6-Weeks Stamped Assignments

  • Globalization CCOT Pre-Write
  • Genocide Comparison Practice
  • POV Practice II
  • DBQ Grading